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21 at 21

21-at-21It has been 21 years since the dawn of democracy in South Africa. To mark the “coming of age” of the nation, Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcow travelled across South Africa collecting the life stories of people born in 1994. These “born frees” relate their personal journeys, dreams and hopes for the future of the country. The brutally honest voices of these 21-year-olds, challenging and disturbing, as well as funny and hopeful, give an invaluable insight into modern day South Africa.

ISBN 978-0-9946702-0-5
Format: Paperback; 222mm X 152mm (Portrait)
Pages: 200
Recommended retail price: R220
CATEGORY: Non-fiction / Biography

Melanie Verwoed

Sonwabiso Ngcowa

God, Spies and Lies

“For a couple of months in the near perfect summer of 1990/1991, Jacob Zuma came to stay in my house in Norwood, Johannesburg… Twenty five years later, my former house guest has all but morally bankrupted Nelson Mandela’s ruling African National Congress. President Zuma’s vision-free leadership, corrupt personal behaviour and attempts to use his political power to distort the judicial system render him no better than Italy’s corrupt bunga-bunga partying ex-prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.”

So begins GOD, SPIES AND LIES, the most explosive insider’s account since Mandela came to power of how South Africa got here — and how things went wrong.

Launch date: Nov 29, 2015

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