80 Gays Around the World

80GaysCoverA young gay man bewildered and lost on the highways of Los Angeles; a sadomasochist Neo-Nazi in Berlin; a rent boy in Shanghai; a holiday romance in Mexico; a man from Dakar in a bathhouse in Paris; a love hotel in Tokyo; a darkroom in Rio; a hamam in Syria; the burning ghats on the Ganges; Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Shinto and atheist; legal and illegal … blazing through 18 countries on six continents, 80 Gays Around the World is an explicit, upfront, edgy, often funny travel adventure that will leave you seeing the world and yourself with different eyes.

“These stories transcend the gay theme, they are about people making (or failing to make) their way in the world.  Their essential human condition is easy to feel and identify with.” – Mike Nicol

AUTHOR Brent Meersman
ISBN 978-0-9922060-7-9
Publishing date: May 2014
Format: Paperback; 152mm x 228mm (Portrait)
Pages: 272
CATEGORY: Fiction / Travel writing / Gay literature

Recommended retail price: R200

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